[Talk-GB] [Talk-gb-thenorth] Locating postboxes - any photos around?

Al Girling acgirling at gcguk.demon.co.uk
Wed Jan 14 09:40:56 GMT 2009

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 01:38:25AM GMT, LeedsTracker wrote:

> Even handier:
> "You can add postboxes and their references to OSM – use a key of ref,
> and this site will automatically pick them up every week or so."
> I tend to map with a camera and take photos of the front plate of
> postboxes where possible. The reference needed is at the bottom of the
> plate, e.g. LS1 258
> Hope this prompts a few more to join in! 6,654 postboxes located so far...

I've just checked the map from the link you posted and am disappointed
to see only one of the many post boxes I've mapped included.  I guess
this is down to not having a reference number tagged.  Ho hum, guess
I'll have to go around collecting these and updating.

I notice the map used is the OSM one, but has "powered by Google" in the
bottom left corner.

Off to get some references.


Alistair Girling

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