[Talk-GB] Locating postboxes - any photos around?

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Wed Jan 14 09:41:45 GMT 2009

Andy wrote:

> Yes, I've been associating the majority of the post boxes in
> North
> Birmingham with Matthew's dracos site for a bit. In doing so
> I've found
> that a few I don't have because they are collection points
> associated
> with post offices and sorting offices (no box to get the
> reference from)
> and one or two that for some reason don't show up on Matthews
> site
> despite being in the OSM db.

I've been trying to find the postboxes in Tendring district (roughly
CO11-CO16) and tagging them in OSM, then when I've done a load I
email Matthew to ask if he can reimport from OSM (as it isn't
automated). Matthew tells me his site doesn't currently send
information back to OSM though he also mentioned someone was looking
at doing that somehow.

There is one postbox in Clacton I can't find. I've been up and down
the road about half a dozen times and can find no postbox there at
all. It's all houses so I don't think it is even a post
office/sorting office reference. In this area every post
office/sorting office either has a postbox outside with the
reference on, or very occasionally build into the building itself.
This one postbox (CO15 157) is the first I've been unable to locate.
I also need to double check Clacton High Street to find CO15 47
(though the reference that looks like a postcode isn't actually for
High Street, so I may have to hunt around the side streets to find
that one). I have noted that in some instances the reference is the
name of the road opposite the postbox and not the one it is actually


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