[Talk-GB] Trying to upload postbox

Gregory Williams gregory.williams at purplegeodesoftware.co.uk
Wed Jan 21 21:25:50 GMT 2009

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> Folks,
> I've recently tried to add a postbox to the OSM.  I opened the GPX in
> JOSM and edited the relivant details.  I then uploaded.  The next day,
> I opened JOSM and downloaded the map section (at the suggestion of
> someone from the IRC channel) and I can see the postbox amungst the
> data pulled down.  However, it has never appeared on the OSM.  Am I
> doing something totally daft?
> The postbox is at 51.419319939 -0.167227853, on Devonshire Road and is
> tagged ref=SW19 77.
> Mike.

You're doing nothing wrong. It's there on the map:


I can think of two reasons that you couldn't see it:
(1) I see that you entered the data last Friday (the 16th). You looked
at the Mapnik rendering of the map (the default on
www.openstreetmap.org), which is gets updated on a weekly basis some
time starting each Wednesday. [It's on the Mapnik rendering now,
(2) You didn't zoom in far enough. Features like postboxes are only
shown on zoom levels 17 and 18 for Mapnik and just level 17 (there isn't
an 18) for Osmarender. Otherwise the maps would simply be too cluttered.

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