[Talk-GB] DECC Oil Wells Imported

Kærast kaerast at newscloud.com
Wed Jan 28 11:39:57 GMT 2009


Yesterday I got confirmation that the DECC shapefiles [1] are public
domain and can be used by us.  The import of the oil wells was a fairly
simple job since there are no oil wells on the map already and the
shapefiles are fairly simple to parse.

There is no official tag for oil well, however the Canada import are
planning on using man_made=petroleum_well and so that is what I have
used.  There are 11,015 apparently disused oil wells and 500 apparently
active oil wells, all of which have been imported with ref_no=* name=*
(where available) disused=yes (where no longer active) and
source=DECC.  I say 'apparently' because the DECC stress they "accepts
no responsibility for loss, damage or inconvenience caused by errors or

I guess the next stages are to propose the tag man_made=petroleum_well,
get these appearing on the map and then consider whether any of the
other shapefiles they have are useful to us.


[1] <https://www.og.berr.gov.uk/information/maps_offshore.htm>

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