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Just a thought, but if the new park boundary follows existing administrative (e.g. parish) boundaries, and if these are the same as can be traced off the out of copyright maps in Potlatch, and if you can find something in writing stating the facts of which parishes are (or aren’t) within the new park, then these would surely be facts you could map without using the PDF OS-based maps.


Quite a few “if”s there though. 




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I've just seen the announcement for the new South Downs National Park, which you can find here:


Clicking through this you can download various PDF files with further details, including maps of the boundaries. Quite an exciting development in my view, as the area will be subject to much stricter planning regulations.

Unfortunately, all of these maps seem to be contaminated by the dreaded Ordinance Survey copyright licence, which means we're unable to make use of this information. So the question is, how can we map the boundary of this new national park? I suspect in due course various signs will go up on the ground showing where the boundary is, but there's no guarantee that all sections will be clearly signed, and in it will probably still be a few years before even that happens.



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