[Talk-GB] 'High speed one' rail

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Thu Oct 1 13:08:38 BST 2009

> One Word, Liam123 The last change to both ends of that bit of
> HS1 was
> a revert from a Liam123 edit so I'm guessing the bit in the
> middle was
> not reverted....

That was my suspicion, but checked the history of the nodes at
either end of the gap and they don't currently seem to be in a
different location from when they were first added. That suggested a
deleted section, but Potlatch doesn't show any ways in the area that
could be undeleted, and the relevant liam123 changeset didn't show
any either.

So I was sort of stumped what else to check.


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