[Talk-GB] OS and their Aerial mapping featured (advertised) on BBC's Countryfile

Jason Cunningham jamicuosm at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 3 13:37:10 BST 2009

Ordnance Survey and their aerial mapping feature (7min) in last weeks
episode of Countryfile (BBC1). It comes across as a long advert for the
Ordnance Survey and I wish the BBC had been impartial. It was interesting,
if a bit basic, especially in light of the talk about aerial mapping on this
list. Also plenty of talk about OS on this list.

If anyone wants to watch its available on Iplayer until Sunday 4th October.
[link to section on Iplayer <http://bbc.co.uk/i/n13qc/?t=41m28s>]
As the programme will soon disappear from Iplayer I've uploaded the piece to
[link <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgVPCnqQceU>]

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