[Talk-GB] Active Traffic Management (ATM) / Managed Motorways / Variable Speed Limits (VSL)

Brian Prangle bprangle at googlemail.com
Sun Oct 11 19:13:26 BST 2009

I think a better tagging scheme would be:

active_traffic_management = variable_speed _limit
active_traffic_management = hard_shoulder_running
active_traffic_ management= ramp_metering

It keeps tthe tags taxonomically related and allows for other tags to be
added as new schemes are devised or discovered



2009/10/8 Jennifer Campbell <jenuk1985 at googlemail.com>

> There doesn't seem to be an established way to tag motorways operating
> under active traffic management or managed motorway conditions (both are
> essentially the same), or those running with variable speed limits, in
> fact none in the UK seem to be marked at all.
> Active traffic management and managed motorways use hard shoulder
> running, ramp metering and variable speed limits, so it may be a good
> idea to tag each aspect individually, as they are not all present in all
> cases.
> Ramp metering can be solved by tagging part time traffic signals on the
> slip roads (I can't find a part time tag, but I presume part_time=yes
> would suffice?
> For variable speed limits, would it be a good idea to tag
> maxspeed=<default> (default is most likely to be 70mph) with
> variable_speed_limit=yes?
> Would hard_shoulder_running=yes be appropriate for HSR or is the tag too
> long?
> VSL is currently in operation on a large chunk of the western M25, part
> of the M20, M1 J6-10, M40 J16-M42, M42 J3-J9 and part of the A470 north
> of Cardiff. Hard shoulder running is only in operation on the M42
> between J3A and J7, but will begin on the M6 between J4 and J5 when the
> current works are completed. Ramp metering is fairly common all over the
> country now.
> Jeni
> http://blog.jennystuff.com
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