[Talk-GB] Inaccurate Sea Boundary of England

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Thu Oct 15 11:13:56 BST 2009

On 15/10/2009 11:02, Ed Avis wrote:
> Ed Loach <ed at ...> writes:
>> As only Sealand recognise Sealand and no
>> UN member does (from the wiki article you quote), I can't see the
>> claim that the sea boundary of England is wrong can be justified.
> Who would have expected an edit war in the English Channel?
>> Anyway, are we having a mapping party out to it to map it?
> If so there is the possibility that Sealand might become the first
> nation to be fully mapped on OSM...

It used to be on OSM a couple of years ago, but the node now seems to 
have been deleted. Originally it was absurd: it was marked as a country 
so it had this huge label on the map that gave it greater prominence 
than anywhere else for hundreds of miles. Having put some more realistic 
tags on it, it was fine, so I don't know why it went altogether.

It isn't a nation just because the perverse individual who happens to 
live there claims it is, but it's reasonable enough to mark it as an 
ex-military installation of some kind or maybe even residential, but no, 
not a country.


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