[Talk-GB] maposmatic for the UK?

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Fri Oct 23 09:33:31 BST 2009

I was at a meeting with our county council yesterday evening to  
discuss 'strategic cycle routes' in my town for inclusion in the  
official cycling strategy which will be applicable for the next  
decade. It was a very good and useful meeting, only one problem  
though, the base map they were using didn't have the cycle routes on  
it!  (it had roads and buildings but didn't even have national cycle  
route because the OS still don't seem to know about cycle routes in  
their vector datasets). It also didn't have the recently completed  
housing on it of course.

Very irritating.

At a future meeting I would love to be able to recommend that they  
print an OpenStreetMap. Unfortunately, MapOSMatic, which is the only  
service that I am aware of that allows one to create big town maps  
only works within France at present.

Does anyone fancy talking to them and helping with a translation? This  
is what is says on their home page:
"Right now MapOSMatic is only available for the metropolitan France  
area. We need contributors to translate and adapt the few parts of  
MapOSMatic that are country specific."[1]



[1] http://maposmatic.org/

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