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2009/10/23 Peter Miller <peter.miller at itoworld.com>

> Ok, so after looking a bit more carefully and reading their blog[1] it
> says that they are working on the performance issues associated with
> running a global service.
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> Peter
> [1] http://news.maposmatic.org/
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I'm looking at this and thinking that it should not take days to import the
planet into a database.......

I'm currently trying to import the database into postgres using osmosis (to
try and do some work on geocoding) and most of the processing it being used
by osmosis I'm not i/o locked, I'm processor locked. and it looks like
osm2pgsql suffers from a similar "feature".

I'm thinking that there must be a better way...

I suspect the problem lies it knowing which nodes are needed to import all
the relations in an area when some of those node may be outside the area.
But this should not be needed at all if your not filtering and just
importing a full database. I suspect that a Sax Parser ought to be able to
read the input and output Sql without needing to do much more work, (well
not much more than hold the odd bit of state....)

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