[Talk-GB] Chester Zoo: feedback requested

Steve Chilton S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk
Thu Sep 3 20:57:17 BST 2009

Not familiar at all, so observations of the map suggest:
Is there really a bridleway right through the middle? Doesn't that play havock with the paying to get in?
Tagging of 2 islands needs looking at: Lemur Island and one in Flamingo Lake
Are there really three things called Lemur Island?
You could experiment with using barrier=fence. I presume the collected Monkey bits have a fence round them?

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	Hi all,
	I visited Chester Zoo a few weeks back, took my GPS, and spent an exhausting few hours walking along every path (as well as looking at a few of the animals).
	Using a combination of the GPS traces and the Yahoo satellite photography, I've tried to add as much detail to the map as possible: http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=53.2258&lon=-2.88111&zoom=17
	It's not 'complete', but I think I've done as much as I can without returning to do some more detailed surveying.
	Would appreciate any feedback (on the tagging or the geometry). There's some interesting use of tags, including animal=* (which was discussed on the main mailing list a few months back, but which I don't think has even been formally proposed), as well as natural=mud for the elephant enclosure (it's not natural, but it's definitely muddy), and a mixture of islands, navigable and non-navigable canals.
	I have a contact who works at the zoo, so I'm aiming to get the map as complete as possible, and then to send them a colour print of it as a gift.
	So, any help would be gratefully received!
	P.S The zoo is a great place to visit, if anyone fancies a day out... Don't miss the baby giraffe!
	Frankie Roberto

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