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Frankie Roberto frankie at frankieroberto.com
Fri Sep 4 11:43:28 BST 2009


>  Looks good. From a view of pedestrian routing, are all entries and exits
> past the building labelled main entrance? Could the path perhaps be extended
> to the parking aisle to make clear that it is the way in, maybe? Perhaps
> with barrier=gate or similar if appropriate on the node where you pay? (I’ve
> not checked to see whether such is there already to be honest)
I've now added http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/40125672, is that
what you meant? (not sure if this path should extend through the building or
not - it's actually more of a covered turnstile.

You also reminded me that there's a separate pedestrian entrance here:

Bob Kerr wrote:
> I have added service=parking_aisle to the car park, I thought you may be
> interested to see that. I have not changed anything else.

Thanks, didn't know about this tag!

> You mentioned geometry, I would suggest you look at JOSM. there is a tool
> that looks like a set square that helps keep areas at right angles.

Ah, I can't cope with JOSM - wish there was a way of doing this in Potlatch
(which does have a button for drawing neat circles).

> You may like also to play around with
> landuse=forrest
> landuse=grass
> natural=wetland
> natural=scrub
> amenity=toilets
> amenity=shelter

Good ideas, thanks.

> It looks really good, I always think that mapping areas like this in detail
> gives the map much more life. I'm sure the zoo will be very pleased.

I hope so too!  I might customise the map slightly by adding animal icons
(if I can find a nice set of pictograms). I've added animal=* tags, but I
suspect it's a bit much to ask for support for these in Mapnik at the

I've also just experimented by adding barrier=fence to the outer boundary (I
guess this should really be added to the two separate halves of the zoo
instead), so I'm looking forward to seeing how that renders...


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