[Talk-GB] Stratford-upon-Avon mapping party 2? Anyone fancy going flying?

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Fri Sep 4 15:12:26 BST 2009

A mapping party was held in Stratford-upon-avon in September 2008[1]  
and most of the streets and many of the amenities are now mapped but  
there is still a lot more that can still be done to improve the map.

Stratford is now the location for the big AGI GIS conference (23-24  
Sept) which will bring together some 600 geographic information  
professionals.[2] There will be talks by the OS, Microsoft, Google,  
Yahoo etc as well as a strong 'Geoweb' stream hosted by Chris Osborne  
- ITO World and neogreography talks by Andrew Turner (Fortius), Andy  
Alan (CloudMade), John McKerrell (MapMe.at), myself and others.[3]

We (ITO) started planning a conference-based mapping party on the  
afternoon of the first day for delegates arriving early.

1) We will recruit people attending the conference who get there early  
to take a sheet of walking paper and go and note down all the  
amenities in an area from which we will enter into OSM during the  

2) We will hire a few bicycles locally and then with we or people we  
recruit who arrive early will go and do a GPS survey of some areas  
that are short of roads.

3) I hope we can get the NaPTAN import for Warwickshire completed  
before then so we can review the town at the same time. Any reasons  
not to?

4) We can add bus routes by visiting to the bus station and hopefully  
finding a few helpful bus drivers to  draw out the routes for us on  
walking papers.

5) And.... we intend to hire a plane to take  aerial photos. Yup, I  
have checked with a company that offers 'Scenic Pleasure Flights from  
Wellesbourne Airfield, near Stratford upon Avon' [4] this morning and  
they sound very good indeed. We have established that It would cost  
£230 for a one hour 'aerial photography' flight (the pilot can fly at  
about 1500ft to 3500ft  on an agreed path and can bank the plane to  
allow a good view to be gained from an open side window).

6) Finally of course we will eat a cake which will be provided!

So... the flight.  I was then speaking to Peter Stoner of National  
Traveline about a number of issues and mentioned this little plan of  
ours and that ITO was prepared to pay half the costs for the trip and  
he immediately offered to provide the other half which was very good  
of him. It is clear that Traveline are our firm friends now and will  
help us along where they can.

So.. we have a plan and we have a plane and a pilot and it is paid for  
but we still need a photographer with a reasonable camera who is  
confident about using it can be available in the area when the weather  
is good.  The photographer needs to be available on 3 dates between  
now and the 22nd Sept to have a reasonable chance of good weather on  
at least one of those days.

Should we offer this as a little way of saying thank you to someone  
who has done a lot of work for OSM to date?

If so, the who??? Suggestions please.


Peter Miller
ITO World Ltd

[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Stratford-upon-Avon/Mapping_Party
[2] http://www.agi.org.uk/bfora/systems/xmlviewer/default.asp?arg=DS_AGI_ABOUTART_73/_page.xsl/94
[3] http://www.agi.org.uk/SITE/UPLOAD/DOCUMENT/Events/AGI2009/AGI09Programme.pdf
[4] http://www.avonaircentre.com/index.html

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