[Talk-GB] World first - orienteering race on a 100% OSM map this evening

Oliver O'Brien mail at oliverobrien.co.uk
Tue Sep 8 11:56:48 BST 2009

Dear all,

You may remember the Bow evening mapping party, part of the London  
Mapping Marathon over the summer.
Thanks to the efforts of those at the mapping party, and others, the  
neighbourhood is now sufficiently complete and accurate that I'm able  
to organise an orienteering race. The map used for the race is  
entirely constructed from OSM data, and assembled in a open source  
GIS, Quantum GIS.

I think this may be a world first - there is work being done on  
defining orienteering mapping in OSM - see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/IOFmapping 
  - but I'm not aware of a public event being held on an OSM map before.

All are welcome at the event - just turn up at the Royal Inn on the  
Park, in South Hackney, between 1815 and 1900 this evening - we'll be  
in the Map Room. No previous orienteering experience needed. Trainers,  
shorts and T-shirts should be fine (it's very warm today here) and you  
need a pen and a stopwatch - it's a one hour score, you need to find  
as many "control points" as you can, in any order and return in the  
hour. One of the control points has a spectacular view of a certain  
large and expensive East London building project.

Full details of the event are at: http://www.sloweb.org.uk/street0910/september.php 
  - with apologies for the map on the webpage not being OSM!

Further details of street orienteering in general is at:http://www.sloweb.org.uk/street0910/index.php


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