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John Robert Peterson jrp.crs at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 20:53:03 BST 2009

@tim waters -- can I assume from the content of you email that you either
wrote, or at least understand the code and maths running on warper?

If so, if you have time, could you please take a look at the technology
implemented in Panorama Tools / Hugin (I'd be happy to help you with it as a
user of the software) -- it searches images for comon points, and
automatically adds control points between images. this is not directly
usable as control points in the sense that warper uses them, but I get the
feeling that it's the closest to viable solution i've seen so far. If these
2 concepts were knited together (no pun intended) a managable number of
proper contol points could be added accross a whole city to acuratly rectify
it as opposed to the 20*600 that are needed as is.

Could I also request the adition of control lines, which could be added on
roads -- as such roads could be added as controls, even where the ends are
not accessable -- even automatically, or is that a pipe dream?

Also, can you inform me, does warper have support for correcting barel and
pincusion distrotions?, I'm not sure if 3rd order polynomials are able to
handle that. in the case of this survey, I chose a lens that had very low
distortion for that reason, but other users may not have that option.

@peter miller -- you want the whole data set, you can either post me a
memory card, and i can post it back or i can post you some dvds. formats
available are:

high quality jpeg, not sure exactly, but should fit on a DVD;
tif/zip 6GB;
raw 10GB (not recomended as I've had to contract stretch due some perspex
induced contrast issues)


2009/9/13 Tim Waters (chippy) <chippy2005 at gmail.com>

> Hi, yes was about to suggest map warper (warper.geothings.net) it can
> handle oblique photos, given enough control points (which you'd need for a
> desktop equivalent)
> However, the server it's running on is crappy and shared and stingy on
> processes that need some power, so I've had to restrict it so that its only
> good for a few images where each image is about 1500x1500. Multiple images
> can then be stitched together. So would be best for lots of images which can
> be collaborativley rectified.
> However, the code is open source, and I have another unrestrcited server
> available which would be able to work with much larger images. if you would
> like a bespoke online warper instance. Let me know :)
> Cheers.
> Tim
> http:thinkwhere.wordpress.com
> (sent from a phone)
> On Sep 13, 2009 4:04 PM, "John Robert Peterson" <jrp.crs at gmail.com> wrote:
> As for plans for how -- I sent an email to the OAM list for advice, and
> haven't gotten a reply.
> As for hosting, that's even more of a mystery.
> I'm not planning to put them all online in the short term -- while flickr
> would be able ot hold all 10GB of data, it would be an almost imposable ot
> access format.
> If anyone know how to process this type of data, or has even a little info
> that may be hlpful, please come with it.
> I had a go with http://warper.geothings.net -- the results were
> disappointing, and exceedingly slow. It's a good service, but it's designed
> for rectifying maps, not oblique photos.
> I have been investigating the possibilities of using something like
> Panorama Tools / hugin -- they are designed for panoramas, but the idea of
> auto identifying matching points between a set of images, and using them as
> the reference points for stitching sounds very appealing. If anyone knows of
> a way to do this, please help.
> If anyone wants a copy of the complete data set for anything open
> source/creative commons/sensible -- let me know, we can come ot some
> arangment involving posting things.
> JR
>  2009/9/13 Thomas Wood <grand.edgemaster at gmail.com>
> > > I did note there was a call for help with rectifying. > > Are there any
> plans yet for how this ...
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