[Talk-GB] Aerial Photography

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 14 14:50:12 BST 2009

Jack Stringer wrote:

> I would take the assumption they were using a medium format digital
> camera such as a Hasselblad. If I was going to take quality pictures
> of the ground from a plane I would want to use medium format as that
> would give high resolution images.

Although in Dutch, this pdf[1] offers some hints:

Cameras: Large format digital photogrammetric cameras, gyro-stabilised 
mounting ring, forward motion compensation

Stereometric photography:

Resolution: 10 cm (+/- 10%)
Longitudinal overlap: 60%
Lateral overlap: 25%
Spectral bands: colour (24 bit RGB)
Data volume: 600MB per exposure, 17310 x 11310 pixels

Orthorectified photography:

Data volume: 300MB/km^2 uncompressed

[1] <http://www.cyclomedia.nl/File/File/Specsheet%20LuchtfotoNL%202009.pdf>


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