[Talk-GB] liam123

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Tue Sep 15 00:59:34 BST 2009

David Earl wrote:
> Unfortunately, I can't use the revert script to rever this. Though the 
> edits are all his, the same way appears twice in the same changeset and 
> this seems to upset Frederick's script. I don't know whether it is a bug 
> or not.

He touched the same way twice, some 5 seconds apart.

> I can't see any other reason why this changeset shouldn't be revertable 
> as I write - all the other items still have the top copy as part of that 
> changeset.

Frederik's script doesn't remember duplicate objects, which is 
problematic when reverting potlatch live mode changesets. I've hacked in 
a hash so it remembers duplicate actions on the same object, and the 
revert has now gone through cleanly. It might still not handle cases 
where a user has modified an element and subsequently deleted it, but if 
he modified it twice, the script will now cope and undo it only once.


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