[Talk-GB] What's in a name

WessexMario wessexmario-osm at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 16 19:43:14 BST 2009

'name' should, where available, contain the official place name.
If a common name like 'Hull' is in use, then that's what the 'alt_name' 
tag is for.
One problem in using other names would be that you wouldn't be able to 
reliably correlate different geoname resources. The mkgmap mailing list 
only today had a thread about using online geoname resources to extract 
the most appropriate place name to label map tiles, that sort of 
application wouldn't be possible if names didn't follow the official 
Another problem would be that some places have more than one alternative 
name, who would decide which one is 'the' name'? It would cause 
arguments (and edit wars?) over which 'name' should be the one to be used.
There's no ambiguity if the official place name is always used, and 
alt_name used for the alternatives.

Chris Hill wrote:
> I live near Hull, its proper name of course is Kingston upon Hull.  It 
> has the long name on the map, but everyone knows it as Hull.  I think it 
> would be better to use the shorter name and adding the long name as 
> alt_name.  Any comments?
> Cheers, Chris
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