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2009/9/16 Robert Naylor <robert at pobice.co.uk>

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> I'll be switching to using kerb=raised now.  Although I assume if they've
> altered the kerb that they buses serving the route would be low-floor
> buses.

not necisarilly a good assumtion -- there can be 2 diferent companies
running busses to the same stop, one using low floor, and one not. Although
in general it may be a reasonable assuption. Can accessability information
be included with the bus route relation?

> On second thoughts after hearing about a bus stop which got built on the
> wrong street - and maintained maybe not :)

there is a bus stop a few miles from my parents house: they were asked to
install it at "the crossroads" so they did, on the wrong  leg of the
crossroads, as a result they had to move around all the bus routes to fit,
adding miles to some journeys.

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