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Or even a single operator - during Nottingham City Transports
transition to a fully low floor operation the old buses were cascaded
down too other routes which shared the same stops,
And what about Preston bus station where they had to lower the kerbs
to allow low floor buses to access it ;-)

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> 2009/9/16 Robert Naylor <robert at pobice.co.uk>
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>> I'll be switching to using kerb=raised now.  Although I assume if they've
>> altered the kerb that they buses serving the route would be low-floor
>> buses.
> not necisarilly a good assumtion -- there can be 2 diferent companies
> running busses to the same stop, one using low floor, and one not. Although
> in general it may be a reasonable assuption. Can accessability information
> be included with the bus route relation?
>> On second thoughts after hearing about a bus stop which got built on the
>> wrong street - and maintained maybe not :)
> there is a bus stop a few miles from my parents house: they were asked to
> install it at "the crossroads" so they did, on the wrong  leg of the
> crossroads, as a result they had to move around all the bus routes to fit,
> adding miles to some journeys.
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