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Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Fri Sep 18 17:49:51 BST 2009

On 18 Sep 2009, at 17:33, Godfrey Bartlett wrote:

>>> 'data protection',  'data monitoring' and 'data moderation'
>>> all seem to be good.
>> 'data protection' might be confused with 'Data Protection Act', ie,
>> legal data issues
> This discussion reminds me of Douglas Adams' Restaurant at the End of
> the Universe.
> The 3rd ship of hairdressers and management consultants who are  
> marooned
> on prehistoric Earth form a committee to invent things to make life
> better. They are incapable of  getting round to inventing the wheel,
> "the single simplest machine in the entire universe", because they  
> spend
> all their time arguing about what colour it should be.  :-)

Given that we are going to live with the name for 2+ years  I think it  
is worth a brief discussion before selecting the name.

I have done a post on talk this afternoon and have had a bunch of  
people add their names to the wiki and commented a bit more about  
names there so I think we are ready to choose one.

But.... can I suggest we carry on this thread on talk or on the wiki  



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