[Talk-GB] OpenStreetMap's first flight!

Frankie Roberto frankie at frankieroberto.com
Fri Sep 18 19:14:05 BST 2009

2009/9/18 Andy Allan <gravitystorm at gmail.com>

> > None of the links on that warper.geothings.net page are in that format,
> 1) Grab the geotiffs
> 2) gdalwarp
> 3) mapnik generate_tiles.py
> 4) stick them somewhere public
> 5) http://www.flickr.com/photos/gravitystorm/3930896331/

Wow, that's awesome. If you, or someone else who knows their way around
gdalwarp and mapnik, fancies doing this to a few of the photos (eg some of
the more top-down ones with lots of houses in might be good) and sharing the
URL, I'll happily do some tracing.

> Now it would be awesome if mapwarper could warp straight to 900913,
> since that would save another warping.

Yeah, that'd be cool.

> Anyway, on the wider topic I believe individual warping is the best
> approach, and it would be nice to rank images on their "verticalness"
> so that I can stack them up with the most vertical ones visible on top
> and the most oblique ones where there isn't any better alternative.

That'd be cool too.


P.S are there any photos of the airplane and photographer? Would be good to
use for telling the story of this little project.

Frankie Roberto
Experience Designer, Rattle
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