[Talk-GB] liam123 facts

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Sep 19 07:30:27 BST 2009


    I have looked into this liam123 thing and found that he made a 
lifetime total of 5413 edits (due to the way Potlatch "touches" the same 
object multiple times, that amounts to only 3698 modified objects 

All but 1820 of these edits have been dealt with by the community 
already. (From the noise made on this list, I would have expected 
liam123 to have tens of thousands of edits and the community fighting a 
losing battle.)

I have reverted the remaining edits so that, to my knowledge as per now, 
not as single object should be in the state "last modified by liam123". 
Which of course does not mean that all damage has been undone - some 
things that he deleted may now be there twice, and some people may 
happily have built on liam123's edits which I cannot distinguish from 
fixing his wrongs.

The High Speed One line seems to be broken now in this area:


There were some cases in which I had to undo an earlier undo operation, 
for example PeterIto had removed the node 9780039 claiming to revert 
vandalism, but I needed that node to revert way 28338728 back to what it 
was before liam123 touched it.

Also, I think I have found one place where liam123 actually did 
something good (but I reverted it nonetheless). There is a footway that 
goes right across Cumberland drive here in Landon:


Which liam123 had fixed by inserting a junction node into Cumberland drive.

I hope my changes (changesets 2526266 and 2530162) have made things 
better rather than worse on the whole.


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