[Talk-GB] Verticality metre, was: Re: OpenStreetMap's first flight!

Matt Williams lists at milliams.com
Sat Sep 19 14:43:57 BST 2009

2009/9/18 Matt Williams <lists at milliams.com>:
> It will be quite slow the first time a person views any particular as
> I have to fetch the image from the server but this will only be done
> once for each image. John, if you'd rather I'd do this a different way
> just tell me. Especially if it's hitting your server too hard (though
> the sum total of download bandwidth from you should be less than 900
> MB -- ~878 images at ~1MB each).

Update: John (Robert Peterson) has provided me with thumbnails of all
the images so the script should almost completely stop hitting John
(McKerrell)'s server. It will still access it if it comes across an
image it doesn't have the GPS information for but there's only a small
number of those left. The outcome of this is that each image should
now take less than 12 seconds to load (!) and in fact most should be

It's interesting looking at the map
(http://milliams.com/verticalitymetre/map.html) as now there are
enough images tagged to see a pattern in them. I've also added the
option of some backgroundy Cloudmade tiles so that you can see the
points better.

In other news, we recently passed the 50% mark for images being tagged
with about a fifth of those being tagged more than once. Check out the
statistics page (http://milliams.com/verticalitymetre/stats.php) to
see the top images.

Matt Williams

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