[Talk-GB] Transport for London Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) map.

Chris Andrew cjhandrew at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 15:50:29 BST 2009

Hi, guys.

Just thought I'd post this link, because on the face of it, it's
REALLY annoying.

Transport for London (TFL) are trialling a speed limiting system (ISA)
that if successful will be fitted to vehicles nationwide. In order for
the GPS controlled sensor to tell whether you are speeding or not, it
needs a map (currently of London) of where the speed limits start and
stop (with me so far?).

The annoying thing is, it says here [0] that the map has been
developed by TFL and:

"The ISA Advisory Map must be downloaded directly from the TfL website
by the User and must not be transferred from one TomTom® to another.
No other use of the ISA Advisory Map may be made by the User,
including but not limited to modifying, adapting, amending,
publishing, broadcasting, posting and copying the same.   Permission
for any other type of use must be obtained - TfL Customer Services may
be contacted for details. "

The map seems to be in a kml format. It infuriates me that in this day
and age, TFL can produce a product that is so closed.

Anyway, just thought I'd raise awareness...aarghhh!

[0] http://www.tfl.gov.uk/termsandconditions/8780.aspx



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