[Talk-GB] NAPTAN pay_scale_area

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Sun Sep 27 12:33:17 BST 2009

I notice that we now have this area
   name = Cambridge
   public_transport = pay_scale_area
   ref = CAMBDGE
   source = naptan_import
which looks like it delimits the area within which the Cambridge 
megarider bus tickets are valid ("Pay scale area" is not a term in 
public parlance).

Problem is, this renders sometimes (e.g. in Walking Papers which is 
using a cloudmade style sheet I think) as a whole load of "Cambridge" 
names on the boundary. This is highly misleading: it bears no relation 
to the city of Cambridge, and because there is no line rendered, it 
looks like they look like place names.

I wonder whether name is the appropriate tag in this case, and if you 
think it is whether it shouldn't say "Cambridge Megarider Boundary" or 
some such.

Certainly I think it should specifically not be rendered except on a 
public transport speciality map. I'm not sure about the standard Mapnik 
- I can see some part labels arising from this and I don't know whether 
it is because it hasn't rendered yet, or is being taken out.


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