[Talk-GB] NAPTAN pay_scale_area

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 27 12:52:42 BST 2009

David Earl wrote:

> Certainly I think it should specifically not be rendered except on a 
> public transport speciality map. I'm not sure about the standard Mapnik 
> - I can see some part labels arising from this and I don't know whether 
> it is because it hasn't rendered yet, or is being taken out.


There are a few "Else" rules in mapnik dealing with stuff that's not 
caught by other more specific stuff. I'm wondering if that is the right 
approach, as there are also other things popping up, besides your 
example, that shouldn't be on the map (or not in the way they appear).

Issue is, if we just remove the Else rules, other stuff could drop, that 
actually should still be rendered. So we need specific rules for those, 
after we identify them.

Do they show in osmarender?


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