[Talk-GB] Virgin Train Traces

John McKerrell john at mckerrell.net
Mon Sep 28 18:46:52 BST 2009


Has anyone ever approached Virgin to get GPS traces from their trains?  
Would it be worth asking or do we have enough coverage? Richard Baker 
[1] is "General Manager for Virgin Trains Liverpool, N Wales & Chester  
to London" and is happy to receive emails so if we think it's worth  
asking I will go ahead and do so. I just asked him about getting the  
trains to update http://mapme.at/ with their current positions and  
he's just told me it would be too much work, but supplying us with a  
day's worth of existing traces (perhaps with the time "anonymised")  
should be less effort than the constantly updated stream I was  
originally asking for.

Anyway, opinions appreciated.


[1] - http://twitter.com/richard_baker

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