[Talk-GB] Virgin Train Traces (Richard Mann)

Nick Barnes nick at thebarnesfamily.eu
Tue Sep 29 13:38:14 BST 2009

John McKerrell wrote:
> I've now emailed, no idea if they'll come back with anything, I think  
> it's a case of this guy goes to the marketing department and they say  
> "how much press could we get off this and how much effort would it  
> take". As the amount of press is probably minimal I'm not going to get  
> my hopes up but I thought I'd ask him anyway.

Is it worth discussing this with RMT (http://www.rmt.org.uk/) and see if
they can get their members (specifically train drivers) to carry loan
GPS units with them?

I can see RMT gaining more publicity over this than any of the train
operators would.


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