[Talk-GB] Virgin Train Traces

Chris Fleming me at chrisfleming.org
Tue Sep 29 18:07:26 BST 2009

On 29/09/09 10:52, Richard Mann wrote:
> A quick look at oepnvkarte indicates we have all of Virgin's operating 
> routes already. Maybe some of the traces aren't great, but I think 
> some tracing off NPE ought to fix that, surely?
> While positional info is probably in the trains (though I don't 
> remember it ever being discussed in the context of Pendolino or 
> Voyager), the effort required to extract it is probably several times 
> greater than simply carting your own GPS around.
> Richard
> _______________________________________________
This is one of the downsides of having things traced from NPE (or 
tracing in gerneral) as at first glance it appears that coverage is 
good. However some of the detail will be missing. For example I recently 
cycled up from Edinburgh to Inverness, and actually only left my GPS on 
by accident as it looked like the train line was well covered. However 
as I've been going through my trip, I can't see any other GPS traces 
covering the train route and it does appear to be NPE traced....

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