[Talk-GB] Ordnance Survey

Richard Bullock rb357 at cantab.net
Thu Apr 1 09:39:04 BST 2010

>As Andy says, I say we start with getting boundary data fixed up from
>Boundary Line and then look at Vector Map District in a month's time and
>decide what the next step is

I agree with this; especially as boundary data is hard to come by any other 

In the mean time, can't we just import everything that's available into a 
database which can be fronted by the OpenOS website that SteveC announced he 
had secured last week?

You could have a database with all of the vector data - which gets 
rendered - and is displayed as a different layer along with the OS raster 
stuff. Could use those as a WMS layer for JOSM/Potlatch etc. The data itself 
could be accessible via an API. Bit like osm.org really.

That way, it'd be easy to compare the OS datasets with each other and the 
OSM data - and we can import anything if-and-when we're ready to - and could 
import stuff more locally if necessary.

Would also be a useful single-point-of-contact for all of the OSOpenData 

Any thoughts? (note however that although I am willing to help, I probably 
don't have the technical know-how to actually put this into action.)

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