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Off the top of my head:
- A wide collection of existing tools (rendering, checking, visualisations,
etc). Actually I see you said toolchain.
- Still up to date, potentially within minutes. The OS data can help us get
to a 'finished' point, and focus on updating. Especially with changing
things like shops, that the OS don't have. Response to disasters in the UK?
- People to go to the pub with. Oh, I mean community and the stuff that
brings beyond friends who can bake cakes.

I'm sure I thought of something else 10 seconds ago. For now I will go with:
OSM also offers a daily glossy magazine "Steve" to foundation members. :)

On 1 April 2010 01:18, Tom Chance <tom at acrewoods.net> wrote:

> There's lots of interesting discussion about what we might do with the
> opened Ordnance Survey data, but I think we need to get one thing straight
> immediately: what do we tell the outside world if anyone asks, "does this
> mean OSM is redundant?"
> A very simple line, something like:
> The OS data could make a useful contribution towards OpenStreetMap, which
> in addition already offers:
> - A wider variety of data such as cycle networks and parking, public
> transport data, public and private amenities, and much more
> - A toolchain to help people edit, download, analyse, print, render and
> otherwise use the data
> - Global coverage, integrating OS data with data imported from a number of
> other national mapping agencies
> Any advances?
> Tom
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