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Judging from Defra stats on the number of agricultural businesses (360,000
farms or thereabouts in England), this still only accounts for a fairly
small proportion of all UK farms.


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Ah yes - I hadn't tried 'Fm' - that does give a lot.

I was disappointed with "Museum" - only 16!  (you do get a few more with
'mus', but not a lot).


Maybe I will try a comparison with OSM - will just be a bit tricky with the




On 1 April 2010 23:16, Peter Reed <peter.reed at aligre.co.uk> wrote:

A lot more farms are there as ". Fm" 


"It can't be that all farms are listed
as running the query only reveals 372 
points with farm in the title. 
Probably not enough to get too excited 
about, maybe just deal with them manually?"


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