[Talk-GB] VectorMap District: Completely crazy idea, maybe, but...

Mike Harris mikh43 at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 4 12:05:46 BST 2010

  The lack of public right of way information is disappointing - but it 
is within OSM's capabilities to walk and map it. However, the lack of 
field boundary information is a serious deficiency as these are 
invaluable in practice to walkers attempting to plan, navigate, record 
and publish walks - especially in the more lowland and more farmed 
areas. Without the OS's right to enter onto private land without any 
advance permission, OSM mappers will remain seriously hampered in any 
attempt to map field boundaries. Hedges may be visible in good quality 
satellite or aerial photography but fences (and especially electric 
fences) will be very difficult.

Having said that, Nick's idea sounds good - probably "as good as it 
gets" with the present availability of data. I don't have the relevant 
IT skills but certainly support the concept!


On 04/04/2010 11:34, Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> Despite being disappointed at the lack of public right of way/field 
> boundary info in the OS releases, I have to admit that VectorMap 
> District does *look* very nice, kind of like Landranger minus contours 
> and footpaths.
> So I'm wondering, would it be possible to create maps which combine 
> the VectorMap District raster layer with footpaths from OSM and 
> contours from SRTM (or even the OS's own contour data, if that's 
> better than SRTM?)
> Would be a bit tricky but I'm wondering if the relevant colours in the 
> VectorMap District (white, and the green colour used for woods) could 
> be defined as transparent. A contour layer could then be defined as 
> the bottom layer, then overlaid by a processed (to define 
> transparency, as above) VectorMap District layer, then on top, 
> overlaid with rights of way data from OSM - and then you'd kind of 
> have an OpenLandranger map, perhaps. Might this work I wonder?
> Nick
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