[Talk-GB] VectorMap District: Completely crazy idea, maybe, but...

Richard Bullock rb357 at cantab.net
Sun Apr 4 20:02:21 BST 2010

> and contours from SRTM (or even the OS's own contour data, if that's 
> better than SRTM?)

To give you an idea of what the contours from the OS "Land-Form PANORAMA 
Contour" dataset look like, I've taken a small section of the Cheshire Peak 
District, centred on the hill Shutlingsloe.

See what I've done here;

Literally all I've done is taken the points from the dxf file, and plotted 
them using MS Excel - and it's just straight-line segments drawn between 
every point. I've then coloured all of the contours in a red-brown colour - 
except for the 300m contour (green), 400m contour (purple), 500m contour 
(blue). Just like the OS - I've made every 50m contour bolder.

The dxf file itself just contains a list of lines, with points contained 
within the line with x,y,z coords. There are contours, lake boundaries, 
coastlines & spot-heights. I think there are a couple more types in some 

Compare and contrast that against the cycle map which shows the contours

The OS one certainly looks more detailed. By inspection, it also looks to 
agree with my copy of Landranger 118.
See here;

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