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That's all well and good (I've been editing some of that wiki, so am aware of it!!) but all I see in this mailing list is quick discussions of comparisons, but no real conclusions. Also, why bother to spend the vast amount of time creating tiles if we're not gonna trace it? Street names we can just visually add by opening the tiff in an image viewer, so have we gone to fast by creating the tiles? Or was it all just to create pretty comparison pictures?

It's 5 days since the data came out (kinda) - am I being too impatient?


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On 05/04/2010 12:31, Tim Francois wrote:
> Does this mean we can (gasp!) start tracing in Potlatch and JOSM? If so,
> what's the final verdict on source=* tags?

Hold your horses, please. See:


for a summary of what's happened so far, what could happen and what
shouldn't happen. Everything's up for discussion, but there's a feeling
that if we just dive in straight away and start tracing/importing
willy-nilly we'll just shoot ourselves in the foot.

Jonathan (Jonobennett)

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