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So then the question is: what's more of a problem? Features with no name, or no features at all? Personally, I'd rather see the road on the map with no name than not see a road at all, especially when using the maps for in-car navigation.

The pro with the StreetView data for your specific example is that it includes street names for nearly every road. I guess we can't tell if you hadn't mapped the area whether someone would have come along to survey it or not...


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On 05/04/10 15:43, Tim François wrote:

> I understand that with an area mapped there is less impetus to head on
> over and start making tracks and surveying. But just leaving the area
> blank when we have this fantastic opportunity to populate seems silly,
> no? This far down the line, it doesn't look like there are any mappers
> in the immediate area of which I was talking about.

I speak from personal experience - when we first got the Yahoo imagery I enthusiastically traced the nearest largely unmapped area to me (Harlow) from the images. That was several years ago and to this day most of the roads in Harlow exist but are unnamed because nobody has taken up the baton.


-- Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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