[Talk-GB] building shapes from OS Street View

Richard Bullock rb357 at cantab.net
Mon Apr 5 21:28:17 BST 2010

> I don't think the "we shouldn't sully OSM with OS data" argument stands up
> as looking at my area (Devon) most of the coastline + almost all names of
> natural features and numerous other stuff has come from the NPE and 1st
> Edition maps.  The StreetView coastline and waterways data is way better
> than what we currently have here and unless there is better data coming in
> the near future then we should trace this stuff in asap.

The BoundaryLine dataset should contain the mean-high-water and 
mean-low-water coastlines as vector data.

I wouldn't therefore copy the StreetView raster for coastlines.

If we're going to import any of it, something like the coastlines might make 
sense (the original coastlines were largely done via import - and there is 
probably no better source - e.g. even areas with Yahoo imagery will only 
show the coast at one particular snapshot in the tide-cycle). 

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