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> I agree in an ideal world, ground-surveys done from first principles will
> be preferable. But the fact is that there remain areas of the country that
> routing. Wolverhampton and Newcastle for instance are places which we
> certainly would love to see become usable for routing as early as possible.

Over the years there have been a few mappers come and go (and maybe still
around) in Newcastle, but nobody seems to be as systematic or hardcore as me
a few miles South in Durham. Urban canyon of the narrow streets is one
problem. I think if you got some data traced(not imported as most ways would
need to connect to OSM ways) in then you could encourage some good ground
work checking and collecting. Once people had done that (maybe at a mapping
party event), they would then be likely to use the data (viewing OSM and
using Cycle Streets) and so spot errors or changes.
If Newcastle is an important place I could perhaps organise an event there
(maybe after a Project of the Week to trace some stuff) with local groups. I
think Newcastle University set up a bicycle users group about a year ago.
I'll be back living in Durham from October onwards.

osm at livingwithdragons.com
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