[Talk-GB] Separation of sources

Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) ajrlists at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 6 09:19:33 BST 2010

Martin - CycleStreets wrote:
>I agree in an ideal world, ground-surveys done from first principles will
>be preferable. But the fact is that there remain areas of the country that
>routing. Wolverhampton and Newcastle for instance are places which we
>certainly would love to see become usable for routing as early as possible.

Wolverhampton and the rest of the Black Country is on the west midlands
mappers hit list. Currently I'm working on completing Walsall district and
others are working to the south and east of Wolverhampton. There is a good
chance we will wrap up these areas this year but revisiting patchy
Wolverhampton may take longer. These heavy urban are areas have to be
surveyed on the ground because there is so much detail to add that is not
available from any other source. At full detail each 1 sq km of the urban
area takes me somewhere around 4 hours to map on the ground and edit into
the database and there are a lot of squares still to do. While it may be a
quick win to drop the basic road network in from the latest OS release
that's not really creating a great OSM map and of course it can't tell you
which roads are one way etc etc so there will always been navigation issues
for road users, cyclists or otherwise, until we can get the ground survey



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