[Talk-GB] Ordnance Survey

Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) ajrlists at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 6 09:26:24 BST 2010

Henry Gomersall wrote:
>Sent: 06 April 2010 9:07 AM
>To: Jonathan Bennett
>Cc: talk-gb at openstreetmap.org
>Subject: Re: [Talk-GB] Ordnance Survey
>On Mon, 2010-04-05 at 17:25 +0100, Jonathan Bennett wrote:
>> If someone who is completely new to OSM sees the streets in their area
>> complete, they may assume the map is complete and there's nothing for
>> them to do.
>As a lurker, and someone that would be keen to contribute, can I suggest
>somewhere where effort would be useful - A simple mechanism to attach
>attributes to streets. Perhaps a web interface with those incomplete
>streets highlighted. This would be low hanging fruit to a local, with a
>low barrier to entry. Such a mechanism would separate nicely the problem
>of street entry and the problem of street tagging.
>So far, my attempts to contribute have been stifled because of my low
>attention span and need to spend time doing other things. My perception
>is that its not trivial to begin to contribute. Can I spend 10 minutes
>here and there naming streets?


You can do that now of course. If you are local to some unnamed streets or
incomplete mapping then you can take a walk with http://walking-papers.org/
to gather street names and additional data.

In areas where streets have been traced in from Yahoo imagery then the soon
to be available in potlatch OS StreetView mapping will permit you to tag
unnamed streets quickly with Potlatch. On the ground mapping is still
needed, and indeed preferred by most, but as you say its low hanging fruit
and a named road is better than an unnamed one, even if a ground survey
still needs to be done.



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