[Talk-GB] Learning from Tiger for OS - tools & motivations

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Tue Apr 6 18:13:07 BST 2010

Hello all,

It seems there is a consensus on what we do with the OS data:

- not bulk importing
- careful mix of tracing and perhaps some targeted direct imports, ideally
using local knowledge and on-the-ground surveys

To achieve that careful mix we need to be clear about areas that are
under-mapped and areas that might need fixing with local knowledge.

A lot of the debate has been around leaving areas under-mapped, but we have
some tools to address this challenge in the UK already. The no names layer
was a great motivation for the London mapping parties to complete TimSC's
tracing work, and in some parts of the country NOVAM has motivated people to
clean up the NAPTAN import. The TIGER import has resulted in a number of big
"fixup" drives.

Some more work on tools, and surfacing them better, would surely help the
careful mix of tracing and importing have the best impact? For example:

- turning the "no names" red outlines on in Potlach by default
- using the "no names" layer, the semi-transparent OS overlay and simple
overlays for density of certain key data to provide a "does my area need
mapping?" page.

Best wishes,

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