[Talk-GB] OS OpenData StreetView Tiles now available

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Apr 7 09:58:43 BST 2010


Tom Hughes wrote:
>> For clients supporting multiple projections, wouldn't it be best to have
>> a WMS (preferably a WMS-C) allowing to choose between the 2 projections
>> (+ EPSG:4326, maybe)? It might be that
>> http://os.openstreetmap.org/wms/map.php?source=sv&
>> <http://os.openstreetmap.org/wms/map.php?source=sv&> allows it, but I
>> can't get the capabilities...

> That would require us to have two sets of tiles which makes it unlikely 
> as keeping two copies of everything would be a bit silly.

You could use the recently open-sourced http://mapproxy.org/ instead of 
the "very simple WMS that someone wrote in PHP". Mapproxy combines tiles 
and scales or even reprojects them to fit any WMS request. And offers 
proper GetCapability responses. The image quality is of course less than 
stellar if you request images in any other projection/resolution than 
supported by the original tiles.


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