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I'd prefer to see boundaries handled by an automated (and nationwide) import process, as the OS data is likely to be at least as good as contributors' own efforts and usually much better AND they are committed to maintaining it going forward. Which seems a good opportunity to mention that those of you working on the technical aspects of using the OS data need to have a thought to how future updates will be handled. It's much easier to insert a load of brand new data than to update existing data from a refreshed set of source data in the future. You will have to be able to distinguish new data to be inserted from existing data that may have changed and existing data that may need deleting. Just a thought.


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On 7 April 2010 09:10, Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) <ajrlists at googlemail.com> wrote 
  With the election process underway we might think about a topical map. If we can get the ward boundary data into OSM in time then we could show a map with some colouring that shows what the current lay of the land is in the west mids and which are marginal seats, retiring candidates, etc etc.

I think this would be really good. As somebody pretty involved in local politics (and running to win a council seat) I'm really looking forward to gettign the full administrative boundaries into OSM.

Wards where more than one party are represented will be an interesting challenge if you want to colour them, as will areas with quite a diverse set of parties with similar traditional colours and with independents.
  One fly in the ointment is that the ward boundaries in Boundary-Line are I believe the 2009 positions and not the new ward boundaries that will shape this next election. The changes are discussed in the User Guide (Annexe A). I assume that OS OpenData Boundary Line will be updated to the new boundary data in May, but I don’t see anything specific on that yet

At least in my area the ward boundaries are unchanged, though a few Parliamentary constituencies have changed :-)


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