[Talk-GB] OS OpenData StreetView Tiles now available

Steve Doerr steve.doerr at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 10:55:05 BST 2010

I'm not sure I agree. I'm still a newbie in OSM terms, but almost from day 1 
I was aware of the Noname layer, and several of my mapping forays have been 
designed solely to gather missing street-names. In fact, filling in the 
street-names of an area that's already been mapped strikes me as an ideal 
project for a newcomer- especially if they haven't actually got a GPS.

Personally, I would have thought that a bigger issue (than street-names) is 
gathering POIs. I can see that, where the street layout is already mapped, 
people are much less likely to be up for slogging around gathering 
way-points for schools, churches, pubs, etc.


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> On 6 Apr 2010, at 23:07, Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) wrote:
>> 3. If you're tempted to map in an area you're not familiar with, contact 
>> any
>> local contributors first. Please don't alienate other contributors by
>> treading on their toes. They will know their local area better than 
>> anyone
>> else.
> I've never actually seen this put in writing but it's a great thing to 
> mention. It's annoyed me when people have done this with Yahoo! imagery 
> very close to areas I've worked, I assume those people are now going to 
> fill in all the road names from OS, and then the data will be 100% 
> complete, right? Of course not, but no-one will know.</rant>
> John
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