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> What I'm meaning by verification is interrogating the boundary line with
> the
> features already mapped on the ground. In many cases we know where the back
> of gardens are for instance, or the position of a water course, railway
> line
> or a parish boundary. Many other boundaries, including Ward boundaries, tie
> in with these features. So, for example, if a boundary actually follows a
> stream and the stream is in OSM, then logically our boundary should follow
> the stream, even if the OS have a slightly different alignment for the
> feature.
Oh right, yes, I'm with you now. It does need to be imported, but can be
checked and in places brought into line with other features *with great care

In my experience most ward boundaries go between streets, down the middle of
a street, along a natural feature such as a stream, parallel to a railway
line, or quite often they just jump across "empty" space following no
particular feature. They also sometimes switch from going down the middle of
a street to taking in both sides, which will again mean mappers will need to
be very careful about changing them.


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