[Talk-GB] OS StreetView accuracy: caution!

Tim François sk1ppy14 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Apr 9 20:48:43 BST 2010

I think OS *is* more accurate on the whole, after comparing a vast amount of areas with which I'm familiar. Yes, we 'outdo' the OS map in some areas, but probably not in accuracy, more in map 'awesomeness'.

I still think that we should be tracing the blank areas with the OSSV data. I've done some and noticed that not all the street names are on the OSSV data. Thus, there's still jobs out there for those who love to go out and survey. Along with getting all the other yummy data such as street furniture, shop names etc.

The two methods complement each other well, I think - I'll certainly continue to trace and survey!

P.S. I agree with most though on the bulk import - don't do it!

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> On Friday 09 April 2010, Jason
> Cunningham wrote:
> > The accuracy of OS data looks vastly superior to our
> data.
> I'm not sure I'd agree with that either.
> We do have several places where we easily outdo what's so
> far been released. But we also have many areas where we have
> next to nothing.
> robert.
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