[Talk-GB] London Mapping Marathons

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Thu Apr 15 17:48:13 BST 2010

Tim asked:

> if there were buildings in the OSM map,
> and they
> were split into their individual shop, what's the best way to
> tag it as a
> shop/café/restaurant etc?
> Anyone got any input?

Not on the same scale as Oxford Street, but how about the row of
shops here?


Mapnik doesn't seem to recognise the dentist at 91 or the laundrette
at 99, but adds the icons for the other properties in preference to
their addr:housenumber

Before I traced the building outline, each was a POI. After adding
the building I just copied the tags from the poi to the relevant
shop unit and deleted the poi.


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