[Talk-GB] UK counties

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Apr 20 13:42:43 BST 2010

Andy asked:

> Is there an easy way (a wiki page, perhaps; or some kind of
> category view)
> to see links to all such relations, and other such sets, as a
> list?

I don't think there is a single wiki page that lists them. I think
it was me added the second relation to the Cambridgeshire (some
weeks ago) and Essex (this morning) pages. I knew they existed as
the same boundary way near me is in multiple relations.

You could probably extract the information with XAPI (if it's
working at the moment) using something like the following which I
used for Haiti:

You could perhaps switch boundary=administrative to type=boundary to
get administrative and ceremonial in one go, but you might get
others appear (in Haiti it would have picked up limits of satellite
imagery). You'll also have to find a suitable bbox for UK (I got the
figures from the Export tab after drawing a box around the area I
wanted). Oh, and there are a couple of European countries that use
type=multipolygon rather than type=boundary, and I can't be 100%
sure that none of the UK boundaries have been so tainted.


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